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Reflections on the Greatness of our Lord

Reflections on the Greatness of our Lord
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Author: Bouter, H.

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In order to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ we must follow the apostolic injunction to consider Him. Therefore the object of this booklet is to meditate on some facets of His greatness and glory. It deals with five places in the New Testament, where it is expressly stated that Christ is great or will be great. He is the great King, the great Prophet, the great Saviour, the great High Priest, and the great Shepherd. In His great Name we find help and strength for our course as Christians.


  1. The great King
    1. The Son of the Highest
    2. And of His kingdom there will be no end
  2.  The great Prophet
    1. No man ever spoke like this Man
    2. He spoke the words of God
    3. A Prophet mighty in deed and word
  3.  The great Saviour
    1. The Saviour of Israel and of the world
    2. The Saviour of the body
    3. Our God and Saviour
  4.  The great High Priest
    1. High Priest with regard to our sins
    2. High Priest with regard to our weakness
    3. High Priest with regard to our worship
    4. Contrasts with the Old Testament
  5.  The great Shepherd
    1. Christ is superior to Moses
    2. From Egypt to Canaan
    3. One Flock with one Shepherd
Paperback - 64 Pages - Author: H. Bouter

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