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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

"Thus far the Lord has helped us" (1 Samuel 7:12).
This verse has been on our fliers and announcements for many years now, and it is just as true today.

We are very thankful for the donations the Lord has led the brethren to give this past quarter. Please keep us in prayer.

While we trust the Lord and not the funds, it is still necessary to look at our finances.

With expenses increasing, we find this ministry needs an average of  $2,800 every week ($400 a day) to cover all expenses. Historically, sales cover about half of these needs, with donations covering the other half. Donations, however, have declined significantly over the past several years, due in part to the home-call of several individuals who provided significant support to this ministry.  Sales have also been lower in recent years. Historically we maintained a checking account balance of $50,000 (about 6 months) plus a $20,000 CD in reserve, but in July 2013, funds were so low that we had to transfer the CD to the checking account to cover operating expense. During the past 3 years, there were times when our checking account would have been below zero without the funds from the CD. (The pink line on the chart shows what our finances would have looked like without the added CD.)

We ended the Quarter with about $21,000 in the checking account, which would have been about $1,400 without the CD.

Our desire is to have at least a quarter’s worth of money (about $34,000) in our checking account at all times to pay on-going and one-time expenses, plus we would like to be able to send much more free literature using the free distribution fund. If the Lord allowed us to also reinstate at least some of the emergency reserve CD, we would be very thankful. Please pray for the necessary funds to maintain this ministry and for increased interest in the literature we publish and carry.

Free Distribution:
Books and Bibles are sent free or at greatly subsidized price for prison ministry, work on various mission fields, at young peoples’ conferences and at EBC. Tracts, books and calendars have been sent free or at cost to assemblies and individuals for their outreach work.

An important part of our ministry is the free distribution of Bibles and literature to those in need. Over the last few years, we have only been able to send material we had on hand except in a few joint-projects with Believers Bookshelf Canada, where needed funds were covered by the Lord’s people. Please pray for this important aspect of the work here.

The Bibles we use for this work are running low, and we are continuing to look into what Bibles to use to replace them with, and whether we can and should print custom Bibles for this work. This is a hugely expensive endeavour, and we seek your input.

We only can continue this free distribution work through the prayerful support of individuals and assemblies.

Ministry and History:
Believers Bookshelf is 51 years old, having received its nonprofit status January 24, 1966. Believers Bookshelf USA was formed with the exercise to keep in print, and make available selected writings of “early brethren” as well as writings of contemporary authors who follow the same truths of Scripture taught by these earlier writers.

While Believers Bookshelf USA is a registered not-for-profit corporation, it is a ministry operating in a businesslike manner. It seeks to keep the cost of books published affordable and below the normal retail price for similar books in bookstores, and make them as easy to read as practical for younger readers and readers for whom English is not their first language, while maintaining the scriptural truth presented.

The Workers:
Larry Rosen, who is the full time manager and Karen Nassem, part time office worker, are paid a salary based on an hourly wage plus any gifts directed to them personally as servants of the Lord endeavoring in this ministry. The council of volunteers who guide the ministry (Paul Palmer, president; Phil Hanna, vice president; Roger Daniel, secretary; Bill Kulkens treasurer; Fritz Geiger; Tom Senn; Jean-Luc Coquerel and Larry Rosen) meet annually and also participate in bimonthly conference calls. Glen Balsiger represents us on the West Coast, while Al Groth represents us in the Midwest. Several additional brothers and sisters donate time to maintain day-by-day accountability, to have a continuing supply of newer books, and further streamline the operation.

This past quarter Larry Rosen has taken a book display to the Springfield, MA; Wayne, NJ; NYC, NY; Clark, NJ; and Brooklyn, NY Conferences. Glen Balsiger has taken books to the Northwest Bible Conference. Al Groth displayed books at Kankakee, IL.

The New website is finally up and running! Several volunteers, council members and staff have helped develop and maintain this website (www.bbusa.org) and are constantly trying to make it better. The ministry receives requests for literature from all over the world through the website. If you see something that needs atention, please let us know.

Please Pray:
Pray for the work and workers, and for the Lord’s guidance in every aspect of Believers Bookshelf’s service to Him and His saints. Pray too that the Lord may raise up authors, especially younger brethren, to write and help produce edifying books!   

We seek volunteers to help at Believers Bookshelf. The needs are many and diverse, including all aspects of book preproduction; proofreading, editing, page layout, cover design, data entry, web upgrades, and small projects as they arise. Some of these needs can be fulfilled from a saint’s home, like proofreading and editing.

Over the past 12 years since Larry has managed Believers Bookshelf, more than 10 people from the US and Europe have come to help.
Qualified would-be helpers may contact us at:
Believers Bookshelf
By email:  
By phone: (570) 672-2134  

New Publications:
This past year we produced many publications. The following is a taste of what we are still considering:
Many tracts including 9 in Nepali
Inspiration of the Scriptures by Snell.
1 John, Romans by Crain;
Paul’s Doctrine by Patterson; God’s Evangel by FWG;
Miscellaneous Writings of FWG I, II and III;
Advent to Advent (Luke), Tracings from John,    Psalms  by Stuart; Psalm 84 by Miller;
Pasture for the Flock by Snell;
Gospel of John, Epistles of John, Philippians by Evans.
And these books are currently in production:
Leaves from the Book by F. W. Grant
How to be Saved by J. H. Brookes
Many more are being worked on, as some titles lead to others not originally planned.

New Titles this past quarter:



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