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Perfection - Where is it? What is it?

Perfection CS 1082
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Author: Stanley, C.

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"Let us go on to perfection."

In many souls, there is an earnest desire after increased holiness in these last days; and in the midst of so much declension and coldness of heart, that desire, and longing of heart for holiness and consecration to God, should be encouraged in every possible way according to God. With this object I now write a few thoughts on this subject. To help every anxious soul is my desire, and to hinder none.
As I know this will be read by those deeply interested in this subject, with them I can speak freely. I feel one question pressing upon my heart, and I know it has pressed on many of your hearts. How is it that so many of those professing holiness of heart, and many sincerely seeking it, have been so sadly discouraged? so many disappointed? so many almost giving up the pursuit in despair? And have you not heard precious souls, who have, and do, profess holiness, ask this question also - How is it there is so little growth? We attend holiness conferences, meetings, and preachings, and it is painfully felt there is little or no growth: how is this? The Lord, I believe, will enable me to…

But if there be still an old evil nature, caned the flesh, how can we be truly consecrated to God in holiness?
That evil nature, sin in the flesh, has been condemned, not sanctified; and we have the prayer that spirit, soul, and body may be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Most clearly implying, that until He comes for whom we wait, we shall need preserving, spirit, and soul and body.
But what is the difference from the way I had heard this text quoted?
All the difference possible. You had heard it as if it meant that spirit, and soul, and body might be made pure; whereas it is that they might be preserved blameless.
Thus may we be kept by the mighty power of God through faith unto salvation. And thus may deliverance and victory be our portion now, even as purity in all its above perfection shall be then; and oh, how soon! If we so long for it here, what will it be to be there? To hear that sweet voice ; to gaze on that lovely face; the smile of His welcome; the glory of God shining in that face! and no fear; for we shall be like Him. "The glory that thon hast given me I have given them."
Oh, go ye out to meet Him. As Rebecca left her mother's home of idolatry to go to Isaac, so may we leave an ungodly world to meet our precious Lord. Wilt thou go? C. S.

48 pages – Pamphlet – Author: C. Stanley

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