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CD - Lord Jesus come - Novi canto

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A beautiful recording by Novi Canto, a choir in Holland with organ accompaniment.
Ere God Had Built The Mountains (W. Cowper - R. Jackson)
O God, What Cords Of Love Are Thine (P. Doddridge - J.S. Irvine)
Lord, Accept Our Feeble Song (T. Kelly - H.A.C. Malan)
The Lord Himself Shall Come (J. Montgomery - W.H. Walter)
Lord Jesus, Come (G. Jeckyll - G. Tremblay)
Oh! What A Saviour Is Jesus The Lord (Anon. - L. Burgmiller)
Saved For Glory! Yes, For Glory! (T.H. Reynolds - W.P. Rowlands)
All The Path The Saints Are Treading (Mrs. J.A. Trench - Anon.)
Low In The Grave He Lay (R. Lowry - R. Lowry)
O Wondrous Saviour! Jesus, Lord (Miss S.M. Walker - Adapted from "St. Aidan")
What Will It Be To Dwell Above (J. Swain - T. Campbell)
O God, We See Thee In The Lamb (I.Watts - R.H. Earnshaw)
Lamb Of God, Our Souls Adore Thee (J.G. Deck - G.C. Tullar)
Lord Our Hearts Are Burning (Miss C.A. Wellesley - S. Lane)
Oh, My Saviour Crucified (R.C. Chapman - L.M. Gottschalk)
Lord, Thy Love Has Sought And Found Us (J.J. Hopkins - L. Mason)
Glory, Glory Everlasting (T. Kelly - T. Olivers)
Hymns from "Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs" selected 1978 Music edition published by Believers Bookshelf, Inc.

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