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Student Bible Dictionary, Nelson's

Student Bible
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Reliable scholarship, beautiful illustrations, and clear definitions make Nelson s Student Bible Dictionary the perfect Bible dictionary for students of all ages. Hundreds of full-color photographs and maps will make the Bible's distant, foreign lands familiar; and the comprehensive definitions will clarify the Bible's language and ideas so you can enjoy your study time. You will want to take Nelson s Student Bible Dictionary wherever you take your Bible.

Nelson's Student Bible Dictionary is a complete sourcebook of biblical information presented in words, pictures, maps, and charts. It is informative, useful, and fun. Any Bible student will find this book to be an enjoyable and rewarding companion to the Scriptures.


- Definitions and explanations of the most important Bible words
- Teaching and study outlines for every book of the Bible
- Over 200 photographs, maps, and charts
- Nelson's timeline of Bible History
- The Jewish calendar, the Bible's titles for Christ, the miracles of Jesus, the monies of the Bible, and many other imporlant and interesting facts

275 pages – Softcover – Author: R. F. Youngblood, F. F. Bruce & R. K. Harrison

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