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What is the Christian's Hope?

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This new booklet of the “What is…” series discusses the future of the true Church – not its earthly future but its heavenly future.

The subject is treated in dialogue-form. The conversation actually took place in August 1974 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To suit publication I have given a rather free rendering of it. At the end, I have altered the actual dialogue in order to go a little deeper into the subject matter. In reality, by the end of the conversation, it became clear that my friend was ensnared in a number of false teachings.

The purpose of this book is both to present the Biblical teaching about the future of the Church (the Assembly) and to revive in the hearts of believers the expectations of the coming of the Lord Jesus. May the Lord bless it to this end.

53 pages – Softcover - Author: W. J. Ouweneel

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