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Harvest Festivals

Harvest Festivals HKD
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Author: Downie, H. K.

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From the table of contents:

1) The Feasts of Jehovah
2) The Sabbath
3) The Passover
4) The Feast of Unleaven Bread
5) The Feast of Firstfruits
6) The Feast of Weeks
7) The Present Age
8) The Next Event
9) The Blowing of Trumpets
10) The Bema
11) The Day of Atonement
12) The Great Day
13) The Feast of Tabernacles
14)The Tabernacle of God with Men
15) The Eighth Day

Comes with a colorful chart of the feasts attached to the inside of the back cover.

159 pages – Softcover - Author: H. K. Downie

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