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Thoughts from the 23rd Psalm

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Thoughts From the 23rd Psalm Probably no chapter in the Bible is learned so early in life as is the 23rd Psalm. This psalm has brought great comfort to many millions for several thousand years--especially after the Bible was available in printed form. While the words primarily speak of the Lord Jesus--God the Father was His Shepherd--we all can and do apply them to ourselves! Since Psalm 22 is the crucifixion Psalm, Dr. van Winkle began there where there was anything but peace. But the Lord's work of Atonement was accomplished and we reach the peaceable condition of the 23rd Psalm where the author takes it up verse by verse, with thoughts of meaning and application. We trust many of his thoughts will be used in your own meditation on this beautiful psalm. Dr. Peter van Winkle, MD (1868-1952) was the author of at least four books. We have edited this book for clarity, not content, and believe it will be enjoyed by all who love the 23rd Psalm! 36 Pages - Softcover - Author Peter Van Winkle

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