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Visions of John in Patmos

visions of john
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Author: Dennett, E.

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Man and his selfishness have been rapidly replacing God in man’s thoughts. “Perilous times” have already come. Our God chose to show us why and how He plans to deal with the situation and has promised a special blessing for all who consider the matter in fellowship with Him. The Visions of John in Patmos by E. Dennett provides a thorough, passage by passage, exposition of the Book of Revelation. Dennett clearly explains apocalyptic symbols, the correct reading of many passages in the Book of Revelation, and the moral importance of what God has revealed. If you are ready to seriously consider God’s message, you will find The Visions of John in Patmos to be an excellent companion on your quest.

410 Pages - Softcover - Author: Edward Dennett

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