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Ministry of Peter, John & Paul

MINISTRY OF Peter John Paul The
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Author: Booth, A. E.

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We are to "rightly divide" or handle accurately God's Word. Peter, John and Paul were mightily used by God in writing the New Testament, but each was given his own emphasis.

Peter's emphasis was Christian profession and practical conduct on earth, the Kingdom. We are given an overview of that Kingdom.

John's emphasis was the family of God, given in many aspects. John's special ministry is often contrasted with that of Paul until the two finally combine when time will be over.

Paul's ministry is the Church, especially as the Body of Christ. This aspect of the Church was unknown until Paul wrote by inspiration. Along with the teaching of the Church, Mr. Booth makes many practical applications for the proper functioning of the Church on earth.

From the table of contents:


Peter's Ministry:
The Kingdom
The Kingdom Anticipated
The Kingdom Inaugurated
The Kingdom Transferred
The Kingdom Presented
The Kingdom in Mystery
The Kingdom in Power
The Eternal Kingdom

John's Ministry:
The Family

Paul's Ministry:
The Church

88 pages – Softcover - Author: A. E. Booth

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