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1st & 2nd Peter

1 2 peter
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Author: Grant, L. M.

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1 & 2 Peter by LMG

L.M. Grant's commentaries are easy to understand and

brief - perfect for today's fast-paced lifestyle. Yet at the

same time, there is a depth and Christ-centeredness that

are not always found in more wordy expositions. The author

describes the contents of the First Epistle to Peter:

"Peter's ministry then deals with the government of the

Father in administration this kingdom, which is the sphere

of Christian profession in the world today. Furthermore he

stresses the spiritual and moral responsibilities of believers

as subject to such government. Of course, we have a yet

more blessed relationship than this, as members of the body

of Christ, the church; but Paul writes of this, not Peter, who

was specially the apostle to the Jews"

May all who read this commentary drink deeply of its

contents and grow in the "true grace of God in which you

stand" (1 Peter5:12).

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