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Could God Incarnate Sin?

Could God Incarnate Sin DBL 731
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Author: Long, D. B.

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For many years the writings of Dr. Richard W. De Haan have been enjoyed by large numbers of the Lord's people. His daily readings entitled "Our Daily Bread" are used in homes across the North American continent, and rightly held in high esteem as is their author. We are the more disappointed and dismayed to find a 32 page booklet written by our brother and entitled "Could Jesus Sin?" being sent in thousands into homes where, because of their trust in him as a teacher, some might accept uncritically what the book teaches - that Christ could have sinned.
With no personal animosity, indeed, very much the opposite, we feel compelled to examine this teaching carefully, exposing its basic conflict with Holy Scripture, and at the same time warning Christians everywhere that we believe this to be false teaching.
In such writings theologians use the terms "peccability" and "impeccability." Simply and briefly the first means that the person it refers to was or is "capable of sinning," while the second means "incapable of sinning."

Many teach that Jesus could have sinned; if not, they ask, what was the purpose of the temptation? They say if He were a true Man He must have been fallible.
David Boyd Long, missionary and Bible teacher, shows the errors in this reasoning and proves that God Incarnate could never sin. Since Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, the question could be put, Can Jesus sin? It is unthinkable that God's great plan of redemption could yet fail.

31 pages – Pamphlet – Author: D. B. Long

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