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Prophetic History of Christendom, a

APropheticHistoryofChristenDom_R K CampbellB
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Revelation 1:1 shows us that the whole book of Revelation deals with things which must shortly come to pass; that is, it is of a prophetic character regarding future things. The subject of the messages to the seven churches of Asia, is prophetical in character as well as historical. We have not only an historical account of conditions that existed in these seven churches at the time when the apostle John was given this vision and these messages, but a prophetical picture of the history of the professing Church, or Christendom, from the apostolic times down to the end.

The Lord assures a blessing on those who read and heed the prophecy of the Book of Revelation. The author looks at 2 sections of Revelation: The Letters to the seven churches and the future of Babylon the Great.

140 pages - Hardcover - Author: R. K. Campbell

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