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Church, What Is It?

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Ten lectures by W.T.P. Wolston on the Church of the New Testament- seen to be Established, Endowed, United, and Free

The question for each of us is simply this, Have I got God's light and truth as to His assembly? It is one thing to admire the truth, but quite another to adopt it. Is God's truth worth standing for? That test will come more than once in our pathway. What will our answer be?

To apprehend what the Church is, and to act in accordance with the truth of it, is a privilege God gives us. If we are wise, we will live for the Lord. And we will be wise and happy, too, if we can say with the apostle, "We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth." 2 Corinthians 13:8. We may ask of everything, Will it help the truth? No. Then it will not do for me, says the heart that is true to Christ. The Lord help us to heed His Word and do His will. The opportunity for pleasing Him down here will soon be over. 265 pages - Softcover - Author: W. T. P. Wolston

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