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Assembly Principles

assembly principles b c greenman
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Author: Greenman

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The principles set forth in this tract, written in 1908, are scriptural truths as unchangeable as God Himself. The need for bringing them to fresh remembrance is clearly realized in these days of declension and apathy. It is also believed that any who desire to know what would please the Lord Jesus as to their assembly fellowship will be greatly enlightened by the truths so ably presented. Our sincere prayer is that the republication of this tract may be for the honor and glory of the Son of God, the Head of the Church, which is His Body. And with the words of another who formerly published this tract we heartily concur: “May God graciously bless this ministry to His own, and grant to those who waver or who have been misled by the enemy into popular and unscriptural associations, the faith that would step out boldly ‘unto Him, without the camp, bearing His reproach’ (Heb.13:13).”
F. B. Tomkinson, D.T. Johnson, 1974.

Believers Bookshelf is pleased to publish this edited 2015 edition of the tract for a new generation of believers. There is a word often used in earlier editions that we will not use in this edition because it is now, in the minds of many Christians, restricted to a group known for their legality. Legality is a term, not restricted to being ultra-conservative, but of maintaining and insisting on certain doctrines and practices not found in Scripture; thus man-made. We also arbitrarily will use some 21st century words to replace the old-English in some of the verses, for example, changing “believeth” to “believe” and “hath” to “has.” We have added some explanatory footnotes. We too commend this tract to you.

2 sided 8.5 x 11 try-folded tract Author: B. C. Greenman

Sample text:

My Dear Brother,
Per your request, I will give you some Scripture for my church principles as a so-called “non-open brother.” I believe I have Scripture for my position which is just as plain as “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.”

1. My first principle is that all true Christian-gathering is unto Christ’s Name, as we read, “In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when ye are gathered together” (1 Cor.5:4). This presents a Divine, not human Center of gathering. Our principle of gathering is that we take this ground—we own Christ as our Lord, and in obedience to Him, gather to His Name as our Divine Center (Mt.18:20) just as we first trusted Him as our Divine Savior. This excludes all else.
In proof of this, while we look for our Lord’s coming, we are not Adventists; while we own baptism, we are not Baptists, and while we own the guidance and liberty of the Holy Spirit, we are not Friends (Quakers). In other words, our Center of gathering is not a doctrine, however important; not an ordinance, however precious; not a principle, however blessed, but a Person, even our Lord Jesus, who teaches us to look for His coming, to be baptized in His Name and to be guided by His Spirit. This is the teaching of Scripture that as to our Center, it is Christ our Lord. We can scripturally own no other (1 Cor.8:5-6)...

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