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Letters and Papers of Powerscourt

Letters and Papers of Powerscourt
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These letters contain the loving, sisterly ministry exactly suited to those who know something of the affliction and sorrows of this life. They are full of interest and choice encouragement.

That The Letters and Papers of Lady Powerscourt has retained its popularity over the years can be seen from the steady demand for used copier. Their increasing scarcity and the suggestions of some friends have led the present publisher to issue the book once more. The spiritual benefit that will be derived from reading these expressions of the deep piety of a bygone age, so different from the shallowness of today, will be appreciated by all those who are experiencing bereavement or illness and are seeking to detach themselves from this world in order to walk more closely with Christ.


  1. Publisher's note
  2. Introduction
  3. Letters
  4. Papers
  5. Poems
  6. Appendix A: Preface to 1835 edition
  7. Appendix B: Powerscourt
  8. Appendix C: Powerscourt meetings 1830 - 1841
Hardcover - 217 Pages - Author: Lady T Powerscourt

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