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History of the Brethren, the (2 vol. set)

TheHistoryOfTheBrethren_N Noel_1919
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Author: Noel, N. L.

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From the Preface:

That a History of the Brethren is needed, there can be no doubt about. It already exists in incomplete, disconnected, scattered and fragmentary form in Tract Depots and in the homes and libraries of brethren where ever they are found; and yet, as a rule, excepting those pertaining to the year 1848 the fragments possessed by one section of the brethren, are unknown, or at least unavailable, to other sections...

Such a History, then, being needed, and undoubtedly according to the Lord's will, how fortunate it is that in the year 1928 an aged, able and suitable brother, of wide experience and knowledge of brethren's affairs, and still in full possession of all of his faculties, began the writing of this present History of the Brethren!... Includes illustrations.

798 pages - Hardcover - Author: N. Noel

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