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Ye Are Christ's

Ye Are Christ
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Author: Mawson, J. T.

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The chapters in this interesting book by J. T. Mawson were originally given by the author as twelve lectures for young Christians delivered at Bible Conferences. It looks at many practical areas of the Christian life with a view to encouraging spiritual growth.

This book will be found to be very helpful for not only young people and new Christians, but older ones as well. The author's own words give us a taste of the wonderful truths that are contained within:

"I invite you to dismiss from your mind all popular notions as to what our relations with Christ are,ftr the more popular a notion is the more likely it is to be false, and come back to the clear unmistakable words if Scripture. They are not, Christ is yours, but "Ye are Christ's" (1 Cor. 3:23). We are His possession; His claims are absolute; He is our Lord. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

~ J T Mawson.

Chapter Subjects:

  • "My Disciples"
  • Adorning the Doctrine
  • Great Sights
  • At His Feet
  • "Ye are Christ's"
  • "Well-pleasing to Him"
  • Trading for our Lord
  • The Lord's Yoke
  • The Bright Shining of a Candle
  • Three Men
  • Blowing the Silver Trumpets
  • The Testimony of the Lord

111 pages - Softcover - Author: J. T. Mawson

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