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Author: Daniel, R. P.

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“Do not love the world.” What does the Bible mean by “the world”? What is worldliness? The “world” in this context is the great satanically-led world-system of pleasure, entertainment, religion, business, politics, etc., that is all around us and takes the place of God in people's hearts. This book looks at the teaching of the Bible as to this practical subject that affects us all, and gives biblically-based solutions.

Examples from Scripture of saved men who got caught up by this world-system are given so that we can better judge to what degree we are caught up in it. One chapter is devoted to the occult. The biblical balance is to use this world, but not abuse it.

Roger P. Daniel is a married, retired safety engineer with two grown children and five grandchildren. He lives in Michigan and continues to teach in the local assembly where he has been actively ministering the Word, especially to young people, for about 50 years. He is Believers Bookshelf's most active living author. Check out his other books on the web address below!

80 pages - Softcover - Author: Roger P. Daniel

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