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Word on Courtships, A

Word on Courtships GHH 2531
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Author: Hayhoe, G.

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"And she became his wife; and he loved her." Genesis 24:67.
Such is the grand climax to this marvellous "love story" in God's Word which we would like to consider in connection with its practical application to this important decision in the lives of Christian young people.

It has been said that the thing which everyone seeks after is satisfied affections, and the wonder of all wonders is, that "God is love" and that He is going to find the satisfaction of His Divine affections in the blessing of redeemed man. Christ, the blessed Son of God, in Manhood, is going to have a bride as the object of His heart of love for all eternity. When the soul has learned this, and has tasted of this love, then it has found the truly satisfying portion which will have its grand climax in the "marriage of the Lamb" in heaven.

When we think of this precious love of Christ for His Church being given to us as the pattern - the antitype - of the husband's love to his wife, it becomes a searching consideration for those of us who are in the marriage relationship. A prayerful reading of the latter part of Ephesians 5 will be for much blessing in this connection. Several helpful books have been written on marriage and the Christian home, among them "The Institution of Marriage" which will repay a careful reading by all married couples.

However, as one has remarked, it is with the thought of looking at Genesis 24 as to the events which…

23 pages – Pamphlet – Author: G. H. Hayhoe

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