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Two Shall Become One, The

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Author: Hadley, Tim

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The Two Shall Become One is an excellent and necessary tool for those planning to be married. It is a premarital counseling course based on biblical principles. It outlines the roles of the husband and wife as they relate to each other and to their prospective children (Ephesians 5:226:4;Colossians 3:18–21).

Premarital counseling is an excellent way to clear up misconceptions about marriage, set goals, and distinguish between God’s standards and those of the world. In this helpful book, we are able to discuss issues you may not have thought about, such as :

• how you intend to manage finances

• how you plan to split household chores

• how you are going to handle holidays

• how to discipline the children

Each session is designed with pertinent questions for the couple to answer. is format is not only very useful for couples contemplating marriage but also for the one who is leading or instructing the couples. The questions are simple but at the same time vital. How important for marriages to start on the firm foundation of the Word of God!

86 Pages - SPIRALBOUND WORKBOOK - Author: Tim Hadley

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