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Saving life of Christ, the

Saving life of Christ WIT
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Author: Thomas, W. I.

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I have known the author of this book for many years. He and I have been closely associated from time to time in the ministry of the Word of God and I have often received personal blessing in my own life through his ministry. I am sure that the emphasis of this book is something that is urgently needed in this country today and indeed in every area where the message of saving faith in Christ is made known.
To so many people, the Lord is in danger of being no more than a patron of our systematic theology instead of the Christ who is our life. There is such a tendency to departmentalize Christian living and to regard our devotions as one department and then to live for the rest of our time almost as religious pagans.

This book strikes home at the attitude and presents to us the triumphant life of our risen Lord indwelling us by His Spirit as the one vital essential for Christian living. It will be my earnest prayer that this book receives the attention and interest that it deserves and that its message may be a rich blessing to many thousands of readers.

143 pages – Softcover - Author: W. I. Thomas

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