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Safety, Certainty & Enjoyment for the Christian

Safety Certainty Enjoyment for the Christian GC 25
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Author: Cutting, G.

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WHICH CLASS Are You Traveling?

As you are traveling through time toward eternity, I would like to ask, “Which class are you traveling?" There are only three: First class travelers are eternally saved from their sins, and know it. Second class travelers are not sure of their salvation but want to be sure. Third class travelers are unsaved and don't care about their future.
A man came running through the airport just in time to catch his flight. Gasping for breath, he took his seat on the plane as the engines started. “You just made it," said the passenger seated next to him. “Yes," he replied, “the next flight is four hours from now. It was worth the run to save four hours."
I wonder if he's as concerned about eternity as he is about those four hours! Intelligent men and women all over the world today are carefully looking after their interests in this life but are blind to eternity. In spite of God's love for man, His hatred of sin, the brevity of life and the terror of judgment after death, men and women hurry on as if there were no God, no sin, no death, no judgment, no heaven and no hell. If you are like this, I hope this booklet will open your eyes to the danger of…

Are you going to heaven after you die? Are you sure of your answer, or are you just guessing and hoping?

The author uses several examples from everyday life to help you know with certainty and joy that your eternal future is safe and secure in the Savior, Jesus Christ.

23 pages – Pamphlet – Author: G. Cutting

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