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Profitable! Some Old Testament Truths As They Apply Today

The Old Testament--love it or ignore it. All those stories, all those names, all those pronouncements by God's prophets! Yet the Old Testament is a major part of "all Scripture" that God says is profitable for you and me today (2 Tim.3:16). Is God wrong? We certainly agree that He is not! Much of the future wouldn't be understood without those prophets! Those stories show us so much of God's mind for us, and how easily even the most godly can fail when they disobey or get their eyes off God. The Old Testament shows man under test. He failed under conscience, under government, under a specially blessed people with specific instructions, the Law. It pointed the way to the need for grace and the Savior who would do all the work to bring man to God--the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are valuable lessons for us to learn if we will study the Old Testament as a portion written for our learning! Three authors take up leprosy, the Passover and the Law, among other things, to show us God's abiding principles and how they apply today. We think you'll enjoy this easy to read study.

Leslie M. Grant lives in the Seattle, Washington (USA) area and has served the Lord in full time service for over 70 years.

Roger Daniel is a married, retired engineer who writes with an engineer's carefulness and clarity. He has been writing for younger people for over 50 years.

Bill Hochstetler has served the Lord for over 50 years, and continues to travel the West Coast proclaiming the Word to both believers and unbelievers.

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