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Overcoming that "After Camp Spiritual Dive"

Overcoming that After Camp Spirituel Dive PBP 3095
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Author: Parmer, P. B.

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This booklet was written with a desire to help with a problem that I have observed and dealt with while helping at several Bible camps in many parts of the country.

Jim stopped beside the small lake and looked into the clear blue water. Angered by the reflection he saw, he picked up a stone and hurled it into the pond. His image broke into a thousand tiny ripples.
Surprised by this sudden outburst, a beautiful mallard broke from the water and winged its way toward the distant shore. Jim felt better. The calmness of the whole scene had contrasted so greatly with the turbulence in his heart.
"Why is it always like this?" Jim muttered to himself as he slumped to…

10 pages – Pamphlet – Author: P. B. Parmer

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