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"My Delights were with the Sons of Men"

My Delights were with the Sons of Men JND 914
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Author: Darby, J. N.

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Familiar as we are with the thought, it is after all a wonderful thing that the Son of God should come into this world of sinners, and still more wonderful that He should die for them. Into this world the Son of God came, fully bringing out what we are, by the way in which He was received; but at the same time His coming was full of joy and blessing for us. He was the immediate object of the express delight of the Father; then He died and rose again, and so brought us into the same place - into light and blessing with Himself.
It is a wonderful thing in the first place to have God come into the world - grace and truth in the world - and that we have in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not a question of our duties, or of future judgment; but it is into the midst of this world of defilement, violence, corruption, evil, and enmity against God -

Into the Midst of it He Came.
What makes it so especially wonderful is, that He came as a babe (though miraculously born) as one of ourselves, a real, true man in this world of woe. Still there was more: for it is a totally different thing for God to deal with men as children of Adam, as to what they are, and what they can bring to God, and what their righteousness is - there is a great difference between looking at a man as responsible to God, and God dealing with him according to His own thoughts. This is the truth, when grace is rejected. It is not that God overlooks our responsibility; but it is a totally distinct thing for God to reveal and fulfill the thoughts of His own heart, and for Him to investigate those of ours. Dealing with man on the ground of what he is, and what he has done, goes on to judgment. In Christ He is revealing the thoughts of His heart.
Thus we get His own intentions before ever the world was the purposes and counsels of God which were not in the first Adam at all, but in the last. That runs through the whole of Scripture from the very beginning. As soon as ever man had sinned

Grace Opens the Door
to reveal it; there was the Seed of the woman that was to bruise…

15 pages – Pamphlet – Author: J. N. Darby

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