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Man's Selfishness and God's Love

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Author: Cutting, G.

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In the gospel of Luke, God and man are heard asking precisely the same question. Let us briefly consider both.
In the twelfth chapter we are introduced to a rich farmer. God is seen providentially crowning all this man's former prosperity with the bestowal of a harvest so richly plentiful that he has actually no barn-room for the over-flowing abundance. He looks round his waving fields, he carefully gauges the capacity of his existing storehouses, and then asks the significant question, "What shall I do?" The answer that follows shows only too well what his heart is set upon. Four times in a few brief sentences he says, "I will"; but it is all in connection with his own easy-going, self-indulgent purposes. No less than ten times in ten short lines he uses the significant words "I" and "my". As for God, He is not in all his…

8 pages – Pamphlet – Author: G. Cutting

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