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Man + Woman God's Design

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Author: Daniel, R. P.

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One of Satan’s master tricks is to disrupt God’s order for the sexes in both the home and assembly settings. Christian men and women are equally saved and equally will enjoy heaven together, but while on earth, they are equal but different. God is God and can do as He pleases, and we should happily allow Him to be the God of our lives, without questioning His love or directions.

In His love for us, God has told us why He has directed in certain ways. First, He brings Creation into play, and the fall. He had certain ways in mind for His new creatures, which the fall in the Garden of Eden complicated, but did not eliminate. Then, God has certain “pictures” He desires to maintain in the actions of men and women. For example, the man represents Christ; the woman represents the Church. Christ teaches His Church; the Church never teaches Christ. So the men have the public place in the meetings of the local church.

Roger Daniel has served the Bookshelf for 40 years both as an author of about 25 books and as editor. He seeks to keep his books current so as to help meet current needs. He and his wife and family live in Dearborn, Michigan (USA). Although in his 80s, he remains active in the Lord’s things, seeking to present the truth of Scripture in ways that can be understood by the current generation.

86 pages - Softcover - Author: R. P. Daniel

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