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Delivered from Doubt

delivered from doubt
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Author: Cutting, G.

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Many people are tortured with doubts about the strength of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. They spend years in fear and at a distance from God. Many issues such as …

• I fear my faith isn’t strong enough.
• Have I come to Jesus in the right way?
• Can’t I fall from grace, and perish?
• How can I believe I am saved till I feel it?

… trouble them. If you struggle with feelings like these, or want to help someone who does, you’ll find George Cutting’s simple illustrations, plain language and focus on God and His Word to be a real help with 25 of the most common fears and anxieties. You will discover clear, concise and simple answers that lift the soul to see God and not self as the source of salvation.

George Cutting goes to the Word of God, the Bible, for answers to the soul difficulties which perplex many in the day in which we live.

The original title of this book was Light for Anxious Souls.

90 pages – Softcover - Author: G. Cutting

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