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Liberty: Who gets it? And how?

Liberty Who gets it And how GC 701
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Author: Cutting, G.

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It is ever God's way to produce a sense of need in the soul before He meets it. No sinner gets the forgiveness of his sins, for example, until, as a self-condemned offender, he is brought to feel the need of it.
It was not enough for the prodigal to be needy and hungry; before he was induced to take a single step homeward, the cry had to be wrung out of him, "I perish with hunger." And so with a new-born soul thirsting for liberty; he must not only be brought to wish for it, but be reduced to the sense of absolute helplessness, before, by the power of another, he is really and experimentally set free.
Take an illustration. A little bird attempts to build his nest in your chimney, and, finding himself unable to ascend, comes down, all blackened, into your sitting-room. At once…

47 pages – Pamphlet – Author: G. Cutting

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