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Lessons for the Wilderness

Lessons for the Wilderness FGP
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The thoughts in these papers were written during a long sea voyage from Great Britain to Melbourne, in 1882. The writer trusts that the Lord may use them for edification and blessing, and for His won glory.

From the table of contents:

(1) Initiatory Lessons
(2) Preparation for the long Journey
(3) The Threefold Chord of Praise
(4) The First Three Days in the Wilderness
(5) “By-Paths and Straight Paths”
(6)The First Three Days on the Journey
(7) The Two Trumpets of Silver
(8) The Trumpet and the Rod
(9) The Water of Purification
(10) Nazariteship amongst the Uncircumcised
(11) “Greater Works”
(12) The “Ribband of Blue”

103 pages – Softcover - Author: F. G. Patterson

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