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Leaves from the Book

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Author: Grant, F. W.

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The famous 18th century American author, F.W. Grant (1834–1902) always challenges his readers from virtually every part of the Bible and one is forced to “search the Scriptures” when reading his writings. In this book, he does so in 23 chapters, each one which could be its own book. The Lord’s coming takes first place—then God’s sovereignty in salvation, certainly a controversial subject. He takes up the first resurrection and answers the question of what our bodies of glory will be like. He looks at the New Creation and at the fact that we shouldn’t despise prophesying, discipline or any part of the four Gospels, comparing the latter to the offerings that Israel made to the Lord under Judaism. What is the difference between “the only Begotten” and the “firstborn?” He answers that question, too, and many more in many other chapters. He closes the book with a heart-felt exhortation to his readers to get more into the Word and then to be obedient to what is discovered.

Mr. Grant was not known to be easy to read. That is where the Believers Bookshelf editors, readers and proofreaders come in—to make a 140-year-old book read like a 21st century book without the need for a dictionary, but with the need for an opened Bible. After all, how important it is to have God’s Word for all we believe! Thus, this can rightly be called “Believers Bookshelf’s 2018 Edited Edition”—an easy to understand, though challenging book that modernizes the writing but not the truth!

307 Pages - Softcover - Author: F. W. Grant

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