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Government of this World & other Ministry from 1868

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Wonderful ministry came from the mouths and pens of God-gifted brethren even 150 years ago, often transcribed by willing audience members. The speakers often used the means of the “open” “or “prophetic” meeting described in 1 Corinthians 14:29-33 to bring out very practical truth.

God is in charge in His sovereignty and He will govern the world as He sees fit. We are part of His Church, virtually unknown in professed Christianity, but it should have a great effect on us, as explained by Mr. Wigram. We have peace with God. Hebrews tells us of how Christianity compares with Judaism, and how thankful we should be to be part of the Christian company! The study in Philippians of Christian experience rounds out this short ministry series. Enjoy it now 150 years later!

44 Pages - Softcover - Authors: J. N. Darby, G. V. Wigram, and Unknown

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