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As for Me and My House

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Intentionality is the key to forging a Christian family. It's a matter of choice not chance, commitment not fate. Marital partners as persons and parents must stand up like Joshua and declare, "We will serve the Lord." Hence the title As for Me and My House: Biblical Reflections for Christian Families across the Family Life Cycle. Using the Bible as textbook and the family life cycle as focus, this book presents a tapestry of principles and characteristics that identify and distinguish Christian families. Concepts and examples drawn from scripture are integrated with realities of family life stages to formulate trademarks that frame and forge the functional Christian family. Topics examined include the origin of family problems (first family problems), and a firm foundation (what God gives and families need) as background for addressing the stages of the family life cycle: establishing the marriage (the "best wine" and bonds of love and respect), new parents ("planned pregnancy"-parents' promise, prayer, and purpose), preschool age (parents' imprint on God's blueprint), school age (obedience-children's contribution to family life), adolescence ("for adults only"), young adult age/ launching (from obedience to honor), parental middle years ("muddle in the middle"), aging (prequel to eternity), and post-divorce families (publicans and sinners or precious in the sight of God). All stages are explored with respect to "The Tie That Binds: (When) Weaving the Fabric of a Christian Family."

384 Pages - Softcover - Author: James Trotzer

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