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500 Sermon Outlines - Basic Bible Truths

500 Sermon outlines Bible Truths JR
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Author: Ritchie, J.

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"Preach the Word" was the admonition that Paul gave to the young preacher, Timothy (2 Timothy 4:2). What was so essential 2000 years ago is still necessary today.

For more than six generations, the John Ritchie Sermon Outline Series has illuminated Scripture, and it continues to bring out truths that change lives and minister to people today. These aids are not intended to diminish a personal, prayerful study of the Bible. Rather, they will encourage it by giving insights to those who preach or teach God's truths. The busy preacher or lay person will find helpful and stimulating ideas for a dynamic preaching and teaching ministry in these sermon outlines.

From the table of contents:

How to Read and Study the Word of God
Basic Truths of the
Fundamental Truths of the Faith
Bible Themes
Bible Subjects
Church Truths
Scripture Text Topics
Prophetic Themes
Bible Studies
Christian Service

122 pages - Softcover - Author: J. Ritchie

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