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Rainbow Garden

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Author: St. John, P.

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When Elaine leaves her home in London to stay with the Owen family in Wales, she feels miserable and left out. It's only the little secret garden that she finds at the end of the rainbow that makes staying there seem worth while. And then something happens that changes everything.

From the table of contents:

Land of Sunshine
The Welcome
The Other Side of the Mist
The Foot of the Rainbow
Stirrings Under the Snow
The Stranger in the Garden
Through the Open Window
The Rainbow Shell
In the Beech Wood
Into the Light
Easter Sunday Morning
Philippa Comes Home
A Difficult Visit
A Birthday Remembered
A Sudden Meeting
The Child at the Door
The Camp by the Lake
Philippa's Day
A Shock and a Meeting
The Rescue
The Path that Led Home

163 pages - Softcover - Author: P. St. John

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