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On the Alaskan Trail

On the Alaska Trail
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Hop on, boys and girls! No, not on a train, not into a car, not even into an airplane-but onto the dog sled! It gets mighty cold where we're going, sometimes down to eighty below! -so you'll need a warm fur robe tucked snugly about you. Perhaps you would rather "mush" along on snowshoes behind the sled for a while.

We're going to visit some isolated villages with a missionary who has had exciting experiences with wolves and bears, and who has had wonderful times giving out the gospel with his famous Gospel Husky, "Pinky," and the other dogs of his team.

The sled we are riding on is entirely hand-carved, and there is a beautiful sign painted on the canvas covering with the verse, "PEACE through the Blood of His CROSS" - Colossians 1:20.

There is the crack of the whip-and off we go!-off to the beautiful land of the frozen North!

Nine interesting missionary stories from around the world are included in this collection. It may be Mexico, or it may be Japan; but it is always the same wonderful story of God's matchless love and grace to poor, lost boys and girls as well as older ones.

72 pages - Softcover - Author: M. J. Tuininga

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