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Doll that grew, the

The Doll that Grew
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Hope's doll was made of cloth and stuffed with kernels of dried corn, but although it was not a beautiful doll, Hope loved it dearly.

One day Hope and her brother James quarreled, and in anger James grabbed Hope's doll. When no one was watching, he buried it deep in the soft ground at the end of the garden. "There," he said to himself, "nobody will ever know what happened to it."

"The Doll That Grew" is just the first in this series of twenty-three gospel stories for children. Margaret Jean Tuininga has woven the story of the gospel of God's grace skillfully and clearly into each story. The companion volumes, Lost in the Woods and Face to Face With Lions, each contain further exciting stories especially suited to children in the four- to ten-year-old age group.

48 pages - Booklet - Author: M. J. Tuininga

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