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William Farel, The Life of

W Farel
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Author: Beven, F.

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Farel nobly endured the "reproach of Christ" and was a spiritual force in the great reformation. Frances Bevan has given a most interesting account of the great work which God in grace did by means of his servant in those dark days. It is a call from the great Captain of our salvation to follow Him, as His servant, William Farel, rejoiced in doing in the face of hatred and contempt. For young people and adults.

About the Author
The gifted writer and poetess, Frances Bevan, was born in Oxford, England, in 1827. When 27 she met certain brethren in Christ and attended some of their Bible readings. These made a lasting impression on her so that most of her life she met with those simply gathered to the Lord's precious name. She was married to Robert Bevan and they had nine children. After her husband's decease she lived in southern France until her homecall in her 82nd year.

Mrs. Bevan's beautiful translations of the hymns of the old German Pietists (so-called) of the Middle Ages - Ter Steegen, Henry Suso, Paul Gerhardt, and others - reveal a rare sweetness of communion enjoyed, and call forth the deepest longings of our spirits.

Two of her prose works, linked up with Church history, are the two valuable biographies, The Story of John Wesley and The Life of William Farel, which Christians will enjoy reading today.

412 Pages –Softcover – Author: Frances Bevan

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