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Lonely Path of Discipleship, A

a lonely path of discipleship
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Author: Henry, B. V.

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A Lonely Path of Discipleship

B V Henry's new book is remarkably informative yet practical. Its purpose is to challenge and motivate more and more Christians to take a serious and vital part in the Lord's work on the foreign mission field, especially in Muslim lands.

George Hunter (1861-1946) has left a striking example of faith, endurance, and devotion to Christ and the gospel through his long service in Chinese Turkestan, known today as Xinjiang. The author is obviously deeply impressed by the character of George Hunter, yet the portrait is in no way a hagiography.

This is not only a biographical presentation of the man and the land to which God called him, but is also a reflection on timeless Biblical truths. We can still draw important lessons from the achievements of George Hunter and follow his example, especially the practice of changeless Scriptural principles to secure the Lord's blessings. It is the author's desire to teach from Hunter's life as well as to describe it, and we would recommend this book to Bible colleges and mission training schools.

This vast region, almost unknown to the outside world, cries out for more labourers, and this book gives a fresh perspective on what was achieved in the past as well as what is happening now.

The author speaks from his own experiences and observations in many Islamic countries and has already published a number of books and articles in different languages. He is also an international guest speaker and lecturer on Islamic topics, addressing both Christian and secular audiences.

264 Pages - Hard Cover - Author: B. V. Henry

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