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Satan, the devil! How much have we thought about him? Do we realize he is the greatest of all created beings, but through pride, became those names or titles by which we today know Lucifer, the son of the morning. He is God’s and our enemy. He seeks nothing but harm to us, although he can become an angel of light—bringing half-truths to our minds—when it suits his purpose. We need to know about him so we can be on our guard, wearing the whole armor of God.

F.C. Jennings (1847–1948) in 29 chapters brings out the truth of this evil being from his creation and fall to his disastrous meeting with Eve, Job and Zechariah. In the New Testament we see him attempting to tempt the Lord, ending at the cross—his seeming victory, but actual defeat. Much detail is given in the Epistles, and his future—on to the lake of fire—is seen in Revelation. There are amazing details given!

We have carefully edited for clarity, not content, except where we felt the author unduly strayed from his subject; thus the book is slightly condensed. We believe all ages will be able to understand and learn from this valuable book even though originally written probably about 100 years ago.

200 Pages - Softcover - Author: F. C. Jennings 

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