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Ruth, Studies in the book of

ruth wjh
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Author: Hocking, W. J

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The Book of Ruth is one of the smaller historical Books

of the Bible. Ruth was a Gentile, a Moabitess, who exhibited piety and faithfulness to God in an
unexpected manner and in difficult circumstances.
It contains analogies to great future events in the national history of Israel in its four brief
chapters. The eye of faith that looks for Christ, the Hope of Israel, will be gratified and not
disappointed by the result, for this portion bears clear testimony to Him.
Redemption of the believer is also typically presented in Ruth, but not in its fullness as it is
revealed in the New Testament, where this subject is unfolded in fuller detail than anything to be
found anywhere in the types of the Old Testament.
However, as W. J. Hocking writes, “The Book of Ruth fits and adorns its own peculiar niche in the
fabric of Holy Scripture; and it will be best understood when it is so considered.”
The reader will grow in appreciation of God’s grace through this beautifully written, yet concise
on Ruth.


30 Pages - Softcover - Author: W.J. HOCKING

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