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Ruth, Excerpts from the book of

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Author: Palmer, P.

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Ruth is a small, four-chapter book and it might be thought that all that can be written on this book has been written elsewhere. Not so! Paul Palmer’s series on the Old Testament is unique in its combination of bringing out Christ and giving us practical lessons for everyday life. His book on Ruth is no different! He entitles Chapter 1 as “Clinging and Going.” Ruth and her husband left Israel and went to live in Moab—an ungodly country, but where there was ample physical food to eat, but little spiritual food.

Chapter 2 is entitled, “Leaving and Working.” Two widows—Ruth and Naomi—return to Israel and Ruth soon is found in the fields, supplying Naomi and herself with food. How we need spiritual food! Paul Palmer entitles the third chapter as “Resting and Waiting.” A rich man, Boaz, was involved—a near relative—and it was now a time to rest and wait, and see how the Lord would work. We often find waiting so hard to do!

Finally, Paul Palmer entitles the last chapter as “Rewards and Rejoicing.” God solved every problem, brought Boaz and Ruth to marriage, and a son was born who is in the human lineage of our Lord. Enjoy this, and all of Paul’s books!

92 pages - softcover - Author: Paul Palmer Sr.

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