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Malachi, Excerpts on

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Author: Palmer, P.

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Such a little book, about 4 or 5 pages in our Bibles! We know nothing of Malachi beyond his name, which means “Messenger” or “My Messenger.” But what a message he brings—“the burden of the word of the LORD to Israel” as the Old Testament closes and God is silent for about 400 years. Israel, at the end of God’s message to them, had failed greatly, as has the professing Church in the Laodicean days in which we live. Laodicea means “peoples’ rights.” Israel wanted to do things their way and so do many professing Christians!

Since the Old Testament was written for “our learning,” we can apply what God says here to ourselves and learn much. We can also rejoice that even in Malachi’s day, God found those who “feared the LORD” and ask ourselves if He could say those beautiful words about us!

84 Pages – Softcover –Paul Palmer Sr.

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