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Israel's Kings

Israels Kings 1868
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Israel's Kings
Still relevant today

The story of Israel's kings is a fascinating yet often neglected part of the Bible. God's earthly people's kings were human beings just like us. The many practical lessons God teaches us from their lives are still relevant for us in the 21st Century.

Others have written volumes on these kings. These meditations are succinct. Each is a page long, for they originally appeared as sheets in The Lord Is Near, a daily Bible meditation calendar. There is at least one page on each Old Testament king of God's chosen people. Being brief, practical applications, these meditations can readily be used as a daily devotional guide.

God intended His people's kings to foreshadow the Lord Jesus Christ, the true King after God's heart. Not even the best of these kings fully measured up to His heart's desires. But His plans and purposes will soon be fulfilled. when God's King, the Lord Jesus Christ, will reign in righteousness from Zion, the hill of His holiness.

120 pages - Softcover - Author: E. P. Vedder Jr.

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