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Gideon, Samson & Other Judges of Israel - 2006 NEW REPRINT

Gideon Samson_G Andre
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Author: Andre, G.

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Have you ever felt that your life is like a spiritual roller coaster moving rapidly between exhilarating victories and the depths of defeat? Have you ever wondered how to break out of this cycle so that you might enjoy the kind of consistent, fruitful living that Christ often talked about? Then this book is for you.

In straightforward language the author talks about twelve people who lived a long time ago in the nation of Israel. They are called "judges" and (you guessed it) their lives are recorded in the book of the Bible that is named after them, the seventh book of the Old Testament called Judges.

The way in which God used them to deliver His people from their self-imposed bondage is a faint picture of how God gives us victory in Christ. The author says, "There is no reason to get discouraged, for in humility we can still worship with an awareness of our total nothingness and of God's all-sufficiency."

58 pages - Softcover - Author: G. Andre

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