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Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Comments on

ezra nehemiah ester l m g
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Author: Grant, L. M.

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Ezra, whose name means “help,” wrote an account of the restoring

work of God in bringing some of the Jews back to Jerusalem.

His mission was to give help in the service of the temple and to

establish the law of God to rule in the land. This is a necessary

book for our own days, when those who desire a return to the

worship of God according to Scripture can expect opposition. Their

faith will be rewarded if they are steadfast and stand fi rmly for the

true principles of God.

Nehemiah followed Ezra by about thirteen years in going to

Jerusalem, stirred through news he had received of the decayed

condition of the city. Nehemiah is a book which illustrates the fact

that true devotedness to God on the part of His saints, and their

purpose of heart to build a wall of separation, will meet with bitter

opposition from the enemy. Yet however small and despised such

a testimony may appear in man’s eyes, their lowly faith in a day of

confusion is precious to God.

The Book of Esther occurs during the time period between chapters

6 and 7 of the Book of Ezra. It deals with the Jews during the

time of their captivity, hidden among the nations, yet cared for

providentially by the God whom they disobeyed. God’s name is not

found in the book: He is also hidden because of their disobedience.

Esther not only shows in type God’s future deliverance of the Jews

but also illustrates God’s dealings now with any believer who is

disobedient. We can glean much spiritual profi t for ourselves in

this Old Testament gem.

Softcover - Author: L. M. Grant

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