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Scroll of Time, the

scroll of time
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Author: Savage, J. A.

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“Indeed, one most delightful and profitable part of my task in tracing out the connecting links of the great dispensational and prophetical chain of truth, has been to note the way in which the various portions gathered from different parts of the Word, dovetail so wonderfully together, and form one grand harmonious whole, bearing upon every line of it the impress of its divine origin and authority.

If my feeble attempts to collect and arrange these precious Scriptures, with the view of showing their divine unity, comprehensiveness, and perfect harmony, lead others to search out for themselves, and more fully apprehend, the glorious purposes of God which He has been graciously pleased to reveal to us, I shall not have written in vain.” John A. Savage

This wonderful book and attached chart originaly printed in the 1890’s show the epochs and dispensations of Scripture, and the truths connected with them, in the two important elements of time and order.

An epoch may be briefly defined as a period of time, marked by some remarkable event or events, from which a new order of historical circumstances begins—a fresh starting point, or era, of which the Deluge is a familiar instance.

The word “dispensation” has several meanings, but the sense in which it is employed in this book and chart, is the commonly accepted one as applied to Scripture subjects—namely, the distribution of a series of historical events through certain periods of time, from one epoch to another. It is used in this sense in Ephesians 1:10—“That in the dispensation of the fullness of times, He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth.”

272 Pages – Softcover – J.A. Savage

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