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In the book of Ruth we learn about the beautiful and interesting account of a Moabite widow who became the great grandmother of king David and has her name in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus Christ as given in Matthew 1:5.

Raymond K. Campbell, a well-known and respected brother, often known by his initials, RKC, now with the Lord, wrote many books, but without question his most famous is The Church of the Living God, published by Believers Bookshelf

If the book of Ruth is a book of grace, it is necessarily also a book of faith. Grace and faith go hand in hand, for it is faith that lays hold of grace

From the table of contents:

Ruth the Moabitess:
Chapter 1: Ruth's Decision
Chapter 2: Boaz the Kinsman
Chapter 3: Seeking Rest
Chapter 4: The Nearest Kinsman

Meditations on Ruth:
Ruth 1
Ruth 2
Ruth 3
Ruth 4

88 pages - Softcover - Authors: R. K. Campbell & H. Rossier

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