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Outlines of Truth

Outlines of Truth
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Author: Hole, F. B.

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Every Christian needs to know the truths presented in this book before he or she can understand even the basics of what God would have us know. In fact, most differences of opinion among Christians about the Bible result from not understanding and differentiating between the things presented herein.

We can't really appreciate our standing or position before God unless we have some understanding of these very important subjects.

F. B. Hole, a cousin of Hamilton Smith, was born in England in 1874. For many years before his call home to be with the Lord in 1964, he was a well-known, beloved and respected Bible teacher among the English assemblies.

From the table of contents:

Chapter 1: Faith and Works
Chapter 2: Peace and Deliverance
Chapter 3: Safety and Sanctification
Chapter 4: Law and Grace
Chapter 5: Sin and Sins
Chapter 6: The New Nature and The Old
Chapter 7: Blood and Water
Chapter 8: Grace and Discipleship
Chapter 9: Election and Free Grace
Chapter 10: Israel and the Church
Chapter 11: Worship and Service
Chapter 12: The Rapture and the Appearing

108 pages - Softcover - Author: F. B. Hole

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